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Should You Create A Mobile App For Your Business?

The pros & cons of business mobile apps

Mobile application


With so much of future and current generations opting for using mobile phones and tablets over laptops and computers, businesses could potentially be missing out on a large gap in the market by not considering creating their own application.

A mobile app is always there and, as soon as you unlock your phone, you have access to all your applications. For some mobile users, this is a lot easier than having to go onto your internet to then search for a website. It’s 2021… we are lazy and we love things to be as easy as possible.

In this article, we will detail the advantages and drawbacks of creating a mobile application for your business and offer some advice on how you can determine whether you think getting an app developed will benefit you.


No Waiting, Easy Access

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile app is very similar to that of Tinder… With apps, potential customers don’t have to wait around to load your website after going onto the internet. With an application, your business and offerings are already there on somebody’s home screen so if they wanted to browse something that you have but couldn’t be bothered to scroll through Google search results, you are the easiest and most likely option for them.

On top of this, how many times when you are out in public waiting or have nothing to do, do you find yourself scrolling your phone or going on an application to pass time. A lot? You won’t be the only one. Having a mobile app puts your business at the front of a user’s attention.

Increased Visibility & Engagement

A mobile app for your business will increase visibility and engagement because users now have another way to interact with your company and see it other than a website or social media account. If you have created a game to promote something new you are offering, then you will see a lot more engagement from people playing it which then increases brand awareness with the right branding design and prompts of your services/products. This application will constantly remind them of your organisation more frequently because it is right there in front of them. This could also make them more likely to buy into your business practises and become loyal, advocating customers.

Keep Customers Returning

Creating a mobile app for your business won’t just increase engagement and visibility, but also keep existing customers returning and give you the opportunity to gain new ones through app-only incentives, like referral programs and discounts. To get the most out of this, prompts on your website leading users to download the app for special app-only incentives is a great way to increase downloads.

Shopping applications and large fashion businesses regularly utilise their mobile application to market in-app discounts. This does wonders for a company’s marketing strategy including increased click-throughs to their website and social accounts and higher turnover per consumer! All of this offers more value to customers as well as to your business and helps tame marketing costs.


Having an application is an excellent way for your company to promote new things and showcase everything about your brand. Any extra opportunity to able to advertise yourself to your ideal audiences and any services or updates you offer is a great opportunity that you do not want to miss.

Through analytics and data that you collect in-app, you can even tailor your products/services to specific customers based on what they like and show these at the right time which is more likely to increase conversions.


Costly Investment & Time Consuming

Getting an application can be quite costly, especially if you are a smaller business or require developers to regularly update the app. Typically, it is more costly than getting a website created and you have to consider whether you would earn this back to determine whether paying for an app is going to be worthwhile and benefit your business.

App building platforms usually don’t work as well as getting a custom-built application, especially if you want your new app to work as it should and have expert developers and designers to work on it for the best functionality.

Another drawback is that if you do opt to build an application yourself, it could be very time consuming and there are always bumps in the road which could cause you to spend more time or money than intended.

If you’re looking for developers to build your mobile application, my team has the experience and we offer bespoke builds at the best price possible.

When Apps Don’t Suit Your Business Type

Another disadvantage is that a mobile application may not be the right fit for your business. If you’re a startup or small business, then the application may not be beneficial or worthwhile, not until you grow more and gain brand awareness. Businesses who are in the e-commerce sector will find these good for their profits, but a company who perhaps operates in cleaning services may not find an application as profitable for them.


Creating an application for your company is completely your choice. Weighing up the pros and cons of your business is important and considering your business’ industry is equally as important. If you do opt to venture into the world of mobile applications, carefully consider the type of application that you want and what value it could add to your business. Do you want a game to promote your services, an eCommerce app to improve shopping experience? Which platform will the app be for, IOS, Android or both? There are many questions to be answered and a lot of planning when developing the perfect mobile software. If you need help with this specialist area, feel free to contact me today for more information.

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