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Why Choose A Small Team Of Specialists?

If you want a reliable web design service you have two options; a big design agency or a small team of specialists.

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Our Small Team Set Up – A Group Of Specialists

If you want a reliable web design service you have two options; a big design agency or a small team of specialist web designers. Both can get the job done but the difference could be worth several thousand pounds and it really depends on you and your business. There’s also the option of choosing a freelance web designer.

Large Design Agencies Vs Small Teams Of Experts

If you want a reliable web design service you have two options; a big design agency or a small team of specialist web designers. Both can get the job done but the difference could be worth several thousand pounds and it really depends on you and your business. There’s also the option of choosing a freelance web designer.

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong web designer style or type, but it’s vital that you understand the fundamental differences between the different types of available firms before you start your search for a web designer.

If you’re not sure how designers operate, you risk hiring a firm that’s not compatible with your needs. If you hire the wrong designer, they’ll never be able to meet your expectations and you could incur additional costs.

Your decision in choosing a supplier should be based on:

  • The skill set and capabilities required for your website to reach your business goals.
  • Cost and budgets.
  • The personalities of your business’s main contact and your website project manager.
  • Let’s compare types of designers so that you can determine which one is the best match for your project.


How Does A Large Web Design Agency Work?

Agencies have a team of staff, typically a sales manager, project manager, designer and developer. This will vary depending on the size of the agency.

Before working together as a team many of us spend our former years working as a designs and developers for agencies, we’ve seen the pros and cons of this kind of service.

Larger agencies will often have account managers that will be your main point of contact, rather than the designers and developers themselves. If it’s a particularly big company, there will also be sales reps involved.

Small Teams

How Do Small Teams Of Web Designers Work?

Edge studio is a small team of designers and developers, offering a more personal service in comparison to some of the larger agencies. We are a team of specialists who are all experts in our individual areas.

The new “normal” is starting to be pushed aside in preference of a new way of working. Traditionally, everyone worked Monday to Friday 9-5. Thanks to the rise of independent, online companies, freelancing has become a popular and effective way for web designers in Sheffield to make money and offer a wide range of services to companies without having to take on full-time staff.

Team Benefits

1. Small Teams Of Web Designers Tend To Be More Creative

This is important. Small teams of designers and developers are usually willing to work more creatively and innovatively than typical agency staff. They’re always trying to push the boundaries to impress their clients with interesting design that meets your brief and perfectly functions and helps meet your business objectives, whether it’s increasing website sales or raising awareness through an SEO strategy.

2. Reduce Your Workload Rather Than Add To It

Small teams of specialists are good at taking initiative and generally won’t need much guidance, allowing you to spend more time on your business. Because of their experience, they don’t have to spend time training new employees.

3. Small Teams Offer A More Personal Service

Your web designer is the best person to discuss your project with, not a sales rep. When dealing with a large agency’s multiple points of contact, it’s easy for information to get misunderstood and your brand identity to get lost. A small team of web specialists will need to get a feel for how you operate and might want to visit you to understand your business. The identity of your site could get lost if anyone other than the designer or developer attends this meeting.

4. Small Teams Tend To Work Quicker

Small teams of web designers don’t get caught up in internal processes of bigger agencies, so decisions are made at a quicker pace and your amends are likely to be done more promptly.

5. No Need To Provide Office Space For Small Teams

Since a small team of designers can work remotely, it eliminates the need for you to provide office space for them. A freelancer can work from wherever is convenient. Hiring a local team might also mean that they can visit your business.

6. Good Reviews Are More Important For Small Businesses

Small teams heavily rely on referrals, good reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, so excellent customer service is of paramount importance. This means that as the client, you’re much more likely to get quick responses and work delivered on time.

7. Time Dedicated To You

Agencies often juggle many different projects at one time. Small teams of web designers tend to work on one or two sites at a time, so they can dedicate their time to your business and immerse themselves in your brand. We also have time to fully explain the web design process to you, outlining exactly what we’ll need from you and when.

8. Choice & Freedom Of Clients

Often, small teams of specialists break away from agencies because they want more control over their clients and the content they’re creating. This means you can rest assured that your small team will be interested and invested in your business because they have the freedom to pick and choose their clients. You’re guaranteed to get a more engaged service if your web designer is interested in the content of your website.

9. Small Teams Prioritise Research And Innovation

In order to keep up with agencies, it’s important for small teams to keep up to speed with the latest innovations and they’re constantly researching new technical features and design ideas. This will benefit your business, because they’ll be able to use these new cutting-edge technologies on your website.

10. Hosting Is Included In The Small Team Service

Most agencies rely on third-party hosting providers to manage and store website files, which is fine until an issue arises. If your small team of web designers and developers looks after all your hosting needs, they can address any updates and web maintenance whenever needed. Who better to maintain the website than the people who built it.

11. You Will Have Full Site Ownership

Many large agencies tie you in with contracts and block access to the files that run your website. When working with a small team, at every point in the process, from domains, design rights and files, you have complete ownership and control. If, for whatever reason, you decide to transfer or move your site then you can do so at your convenience. There’ll be no need for expensive add-ons or additional ongoing amends.

12. Benefit From Specialist Expertise

Small teams of experienced web designers have very specialist expertise and have a very specific job with a specific set of skills. You know that the job will be completed without you having to hire someone afterwards to finish things off.


Hiring a small team of web designers and developers in Sheffield will save you time and office space, will give you more flexibility and it will provide you with a better service at a lower cost.

If you’ve not hired a small team of web or graphic designers before and are nervous about how it might work, don’t worry. Due to the nature of their job and the people they work with, small teams tend to be friendly and approachable. It’s in their interest to make sure that they understand exactly what you need and can deliver exactly what you want.

Let us know if you need any more help in choosing your next web designer or consultant.

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