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Website Example: Homeward Studio

Overview of a web design project


eCommerce Website Design

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Homeward Studio
“Coming soon…”
Nicky H. Client since 2019


The store came to me with a poor performing WordPress website. I was asked to implement a design and SEO strategy to improve sales and negate the need to rely on paid advertising for website traffic.


Homeward Studio is a furniture and homeware store in Leek. They’ve been setup and in business since 2014.
eCommerce web shop store


Organic Search Research

It was clear like most e-commerce retailers there was no planned objective in terms of search rank goals. There were no specific targeted keywords and they had seen a sizeable drop in visitors two months before making contact. After looking into the existing site it was clear that the template it was previously built on was the cause of the problem. The code was out of date and there were several errors identified after connecting Google Search Console which highlighted the sudden ranking position drop. The brief was to redesign the site so an up to date rebuild would address these fundamental issues. We also researched and produced a list of 50 keywords changes. This was based on my research into the popularity of monthly searches performed for homeware goods. On a basic level if a product was recognised by a few different names/labels then we identified the most popular in terms of monthly performed searches.

We also looked into seven of the closest competitors. In depth research was performed to see their most popular products and how they obtained their visitors. If a competitor is ranking well is likely they are successful because they have also created a similar strategy and we can look into they way they drive organic traffic.

Search Errors

Setting up schema markup data for Google

Keyword Research

Keyword research around home store searches

Competition Research

Online retailers competition research


Homepage Intro

Only when time has been spent generating the right searchable content can we start to thing about the website structure and the way it will be displayed. Bounce rates (how long it takes before a user leaves the site) are becoming an increasingly important factor in SEO. It’s the designers job to display the information on a page in a relevant readable way but also entice them to look deeper through the pages and find relevant products/information. It’s also key that users are able to find what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible.

The design brief stated a traditional/vintage style. Small design steps were taken at first to ensure the style of the brand was carried through in the right way. This is an important stage of the design process as just a small visual will carry the look and feel across the entire site.

Full Pages

In this example the full homepage design was finalised in a single version. This was mainly due to the very specific direction we received from the content on the site. The client knew exactly what they wanted on the page, my job was laying it out in the most effective way to draw users to scroll down the page and make a booking. This all them had to be tied into the brand look that was original created in the earlier stages.

Initial Design One

eCommerce retailer web design concept

Design Two

eCommerce retailer design concept

Design Three

eCommerce design concept

Design Four

eCommerce online retailer design concept

Design Five

eCommerce retailer website design concept

Design Six

eCommerce retailer design website example

Design Seven

eCommerce online retailer designer concept

Design Eight

eCommerce online retailer design example

Design Nine

Online retailer design example

Design Ten

Online retailer design concept

Full Page Design One

eCommerce full homepage website example

Design Two

Full homepage website example

Design Three

eCommerce full homepage web design example

Design Four

eCommerce full homepage design example



The client was involved during every step of the design process. This ensured they were completely happy with the final product. I will lead the process and share my opinions but the client has full control and the process isn’t finished until you say so. The images below show the final finished site.

The website is built responsively, i.e. it moves and adapts depending on the width of the device/screen viewing the site. The site is built using bespoke code but written in a way that gives you full editing access to make future content updates and generate new pages as necessary.

Desktop View

Final web design concept


Mobile homepage for shop design



Most larger web design businesses outsource their hosting to third-party providers. If you have one point of contact for all your hosting needs then I can address any updates and maintenance as a priority when it’s needed. Who better to maintain the website than the person who built it. Almost all my clients host their website on one of my high-speed UK servers but it’s not compulsory. If you do decide to use my hosting service then you can access the following:

Website Security

Security certificates for website protection

Hack Prevention & Monitoring

Website security protection

Code updates

Code updates


Website backups


Search Engine Maintenance

We’ll never abandon a website that I have designed and developed. Often my clients use me because they need support gaining business. This doesn’t just stop once the website is live. I continually monitor the site and make recommendations to maintain ranking position and ensure there is a flow of traffic and keep the site looking its best.

Monitoring Traffic

Website traffic monitoring

Index eCommerce Data

Fixing search console errors

Create Sitemap for Google

Submitting sitemaps to Google

Submit Map Listing

Search visibility for e-commerce website


Loading Speed

We believe page loading speed is the single most critical factor technical SEO factor. A site that is built to perform in search rankings must be optimised to load as fast as possible with the content that is being displayed. This can be check and monitored with some tools and software.

Google Page Insight


GT Metrix


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