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Website Example: Food Product

Overview of a web design project


Brand & Website Design

Promotional marketing website design
Branding logo for business

ReNew Food
“Coming soon…”
Matthew H. Client since 2022


Create a digital identity and brand for a new food product. A website will be used to promote the business and help drive B2B sales.


ReNew Food is a food company focusing on developing protein-based ingredients to enhance the taste and nutritional value of animal-free food products. It’s a relatively new business based in Sheffield. The business was a spin-off from the University of Sheffield.
Promotional food product


Analysis of Existing Website

We can learn a lot from website that have high volumes of visitors. We use tools to look into how popular competitor’s websites are. We can them see what mechanisms they have in place for driving traffic. We can choose to replicate their methods or capitalise on any that are more lucrative. Without having a strategy in place it would be difficult to determine if your website will receive any traffic at all. If the right research is conducted at the start of the project we can predict likely website users. If SEO and search engine marketing is likely to yield low results then we’ll look into different mechanisms such as advertising and social media.

Search Engine Research

Keyword research around the food industry

Industry Research

Industry research for meat alternative products


Brand Design & Identity

Once we had explored the industry and examples of businesses marketing similar products we were are to create a mood-board to help show our chosen direction/identity to the client. This process usually requires an in-person meeting to go through suggested ideas. We use mood-boards to help illustrate the potential design of all the digital assets (logo, website, social media etc). Before discussing this in a meeting we send out a survey to help guide use in creating a brief. A brief is used to to outline the project goals and help keep all parties involved heading in the same direction. In this case we created it but often client produce this internally for us.

Mood Board

Design mood board to guide branding

Logo Design

Website branding promotional food example

Web Design

Homepage Design

The direction from the mood board and branding was strong so we felt we could offer full page concept from the beginning, normally we’d start with smaller sections. We presented four initial concepts. We offer unlimited design process and will ultimately continue working on your designs until you’re completely satisfied.

Design Concept One

Food web design concept

Design Two

Food web design example

Design Three

Promotional food website design concept

Design Four

Meat alternative website design


Homepage Development

The initial concept were adjusted with another round of amendments and then they were passed on to the developers. The finalised designs are shown below.


B2B website design concept


Mobile homepage design version


The loading speed of a website is one way to determine the skill level and attention to detail of a web developer. A poor developer won’t be able to get a website to load quickly. This has a big impact on user experience but also on search rankings position. Google uses loading speed to ensure users get the best experience when using a site. If it feel a site offers a poor experience it will be penalised and will heavily impact the amount of users that can find the site through search engines. Because SEO is often critical to our clients we demand the fastest cleanest code.

Google Page Insight


GT Metrix


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