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Website Example: Teaching CPD Platform

Overview of a web design project


Bespoke Learning Management System

LSM website application design
Logo design for teaching LMS

Teach HQ
“I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Andrew Newby and his team at Edge Studio. Our mission to deliver a continuous professional development (CPD) education platform was met with unique challenges that required a tailored brand identity, an intuitive design system, and a robust website. Edge Studio’s comprehensive design system has provided a seamless user experience, making our platform not only accessible but also engaging. Their meticulous attention to detail and adaptive design solutions have significantly enhanced our online presence. I am pleased to recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their brand and digital strategy.”
Andrew K. Client since 2022


A team from an online dental CPD organisation approached us wanting to setup a similar business for teachers. They required an online platform to allow school staff to browse resources, take courses and complete assessments. Every step of this process needed to be completely manageable by academies and individual schools within each trust. There is no third-party systems that allow this kind control so we proposed designing and building a completely custom platform.


Teach HQ is a start-up business founded in 2022. It’s a collaborative team setup to design, build and market an online training tool for schools and teaching staff. The project was funded by investors who saw the potential in offering a website to deliver teacher training.
Teaching app business


Website Content/Design Strategy

In order to bring users to a website you need to understand the industry and the way people discover similar services and websites. In this specific sector there was one particular service already doing well. We can look into the volume of users that visit the site and more critically see how they arrived there. Usually is this one of the following; social media, search engines or a marketing campaign. In this project it was a mixture of search engines (using terms like “CPD for teachers”) and also adverts targeting around teacher training.

This research forms the basis of the content we need to display on the landing pages and ultimately if implemented correctly determines the structure of the site.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of teaching CPD competition

Keyword Research

Industry keyword teaching CPC

Industry Research

Analysis of teaching CPC keywords


Web Page Design

Once we know exactly what the page structure looks like we can start to create visuals to mock-up pages. This project started with various smaller page sections that helped communicate the general design direction. Once this has been agreed they were converted into full pages. All the designs below were created before any development work.

Homepage Design

Design of homepage for Teaching app website

About Page

Design of about page for Teaching application website

Management Page

Design of staff account page for Teaching application website

Course Category Page

Design of course page for Teaching app website

Account Page

Design of accounting page for Teaching application website

Assessment Page

Design of course completion page for Teaching application website

Course Landing Page

Design of assessment page for Teaching app website

Contact Page

Design of contact page for Teaching app website

News Page

Design of blog page for Teaching app website

News Category Page

Design of category blog page for Teaching app website

UI Design

User Interface Design

This was a large scale project that we’ll continue to work on as the organisation grows. It’s important when working on a project of the scale that the design work is carefully organised to keep things consistent and adjustable. We use industry standard design tools, Figma, to help manage and build the design components.

Header Components

UI components header design

Colour Palettes

UI components colour palettes

Mobile Components

UI Mobile components design

Label Components

UI components label design

Date Components

UI app components design

Search Components

UI components date design


Page Loading Speed

If you’re looking to test and improve website loading speeds, there are a number of tools and resources available to help. Google’s Page Speed Insights is a great tool for testing loading speed, GTmetrix can also be used to get more detailed insights into website optimisation.

Google Page Insight


GT Metrix


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